Sponsor Team ROAL Motorsport

Sponsor Team ROAL Motorsport

For 2014, Mollificio Valli S.r.l. is the official sponsor of Team Roal Motorsport, who competes in the 2014 Blancpain GT Championship Series with the BMW Z4 GT3 car.

In the first race held at Monza (3 Ore di Monza – 12 / April 13, 2014) Team ROAL won the race in the class Pro-AM, earning sixth place overall.

Here is the article published by Team Roal Motorsport


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An emotional home win for ROAL Motorsport at Monza

ROAL Motorsport BMW Z4, with the Italian drivers Stefano Comandini, Eugenio Amos and Stefano Colombo, had a faultless race however taking a clear win in Pro-AM class and claimed a convincing sixth overall place in the Blancpain Endurance Series season opener at Monza (ITA). The superb result of the Italian BMW Sport Team ROAL Mortorsport in the 3 Hours of Monza was even more thrilling considering that BMW Z4 nr 43 moved from 11th Pro-AM class position, and twenty-fourth overall position, on the starting grid.

The topic moment was the perfect final pitstop gone in 3minutes 14seconds, Monza race fastest pit stop, for the ROAL Motorsport team decided the fight in their favour however, so Comandini, Amos and Colombo had the pleasure of hearing the Italian anthem at their home track.

Stefano Comandini: “This is a dream come true for me and my team mate Amos and Colombo. That is really fantastic. It’s an unbelievable and amazing result because Monza is normally not suited for the BMW Z4 GT3. We started from the 24th position on the grid, but we knew we had a good race pace, that and a very good last pitstop helped get this result. I have made a very good start, and I am proud that in my first lap I recovered seven positions. But in motorsport, you never win alone. A victoryis always a success for the entire team, everybody had given 100 percent“.

Stefano Colombo”Monza is not really a BMW circuit. As far as performance goes, especially our straight-line speed, we obviously had a disadvantage at this circuit compared to our direct competitors, specially the Ferrari 458. We managed to compensate for this through an excellent overall package made of strong drivers, a flawless team and a clever race strategy. Every member of our team contributed to the final success. In this race we have done exactly what we said we were going to do. Absolutely special race, a flawless race, we could maintain our pace throughout. No problems with traffic everybody was very fair.”

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