New “Simplex Rapid” coiling machines

New “Simplex Rapid” coiling machines

Mollificio Valli has recently equipped themselves with two new “Simplex Rapid” coiling machines belonging to the FX Line. They are high speed machines for the production of compression springs and are equipped with last generation CNCs for the direct control of 6 axles (feed, diameter, vertical pitch, horizontal pitch, retractable mandrel, knife) with millesimal resolution.

As all other machines of Mollificio Valli these machines are also equipped  with a 100% control and correction system which is fully automated and which allows to analyze constantly and in real time both length and diameter parameters in order to allow an immediate scrap of the defective springs.


All machines are equipped with:

  • Touch screen display
  • Electronic hand-wheel  for all axes manual control
  • Software with auto programming (PG) and graphic programming (2D)
  • Wire feed unit with 4 feed rollers; – Single piece cutter-mandrel unit
  • Quick cutting type change over (straight, rotative or twist cut)
  • Electronically controlled feed roller pressure
  • Automatic lubrication pump (inside  machine)
  • Magnifying lamp
  • I/O module for additional custom function programming
  • Programmable auto shut-off (energy saving)
  • Electric cabinet with air conditioner
  • UPS unit with battery.