Corporate welfare: initiatives for the well-being of people

For us, the protection and well-being of people are values of primary importance. We believe that a serene work environment and activities in support of workers are a stimulus capable of influencing both the private life and the professional performance of each of our collaborators. This is why we undertake a series of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life inside and outside the workplace.

Welfare platform

A corporate welfare platform is made available to employees, which allows them to take advantage of services for the person and for the family, using the bonuses that are paid out by the company. The platform also offers access to further commercial agreements, which allow you to purchase goods and services at favorable prices from the most prestigious brands.

Welfare platform

Health insurance

Each employee is offered free health insurance which, with a basic plan, covers both the worker himself and his dependents. It will be possible to use the insurance through a web platform: to request reimbursements for the health services received, or to have free services at the affiliated centers.

welfare outside canteen
welfare mensa interno

Company canteen

In a building adjacent to the company some rooms have been set up for refreshments. It is possible both to consume food and drinks brought from home, and to use the company canteen. The restaurant service is professionally managed by a specialized company in the area and offers a menu full of alternatives that is renewed every week.

Training plans

All employees of Mollificio Valli are constantly trained and updated on the aspects concerning the rules and safety in the workplace. Depending on the tasks performed, specific training courses may be undertaken, aimed at improving skills in one’s work environment.

welfare tips box

Ideas box

The company takes into consideration any idea and listens to anyone who has to propose improvements in any area of the work activity. For this purpose, the company has “idea boxes“, a tool through which each worker can communicate directly with a company committee, which will read, evaluate and eventually implement the ideas proposed. The best will receive a reward as a thank you for their contribution.

Water dispensers for free use

There are free-use microfiltered water dispensers throughout the company area. The dispensers distribute both chilled and room temperature water and can be used to fill the bottle that is delivered to each employee.

welfare-water distributors