Assemblies typology

Assemblies of various nature, both of items from our range of products and special acquisitions.
We are able to carry out TIG welding.

Special attention is paid to thermostat springs which are produced and assembled by automatic assembly machinery entirely in our plant.
The thermostat springs are made of carbon steel, SL, SM, SH, DH according to norm EN 10270-1, then they are phosphated and coated after a colour code, by means of an internal coating procedure. We are able to supply both in small (tens of pieces) and large series (millions of pieces).

Annual production capacity thermostat springs: 30 million pieces.

For all of our products, on demand from our clients, we are able to supply treatments for the protection of surfaces, thanks to our vast network of reliable suppliers such as:

  • Epoxide coatings.
  • Cataphorised coatings.
  • Zintek® coatings.
  • Geomet 320®, Magni 565® and all products by Magni, Deltatone®.
  • White and yellow trivalent galvanisation (free from Cr VI)
  • Phosphated to zinc, to calcium.
  • Passivation.
  • Aesthetic nickel and chrome platings, thick chrome, hard chrome, chemical nickel, gold, silver, brass, copper.
  • Teflon coating.

We are also able to carry out internally thermal stress relieving treatments, shot-peening, oiling and washing (both on inox and on carbon with autopassive liquids).