New Simplex Rapid MC-15 and A2-CNC

New Simplex Rapid MC-15 and A2-CNC

As forecasted by our latest investment plan for the coiling department production facilities renewal, we’re proud to introduce a couple of new Simplex Rapid machines. The MC-15 will support both the MC-5 and MC-10 models that we bought last year. Moreover, an A2 type 4 CNC axis version, will help to further develop our coiling capacity in small & medium sized wires.

Simplex Rapid MC-15

High-Speed Automatic Spring Coiling Machine, fitted with the latest generation multi-axis Numerical Control.  Our MC-15 machine is running 8 motors (1 feed, 2 diameter, 1 cut, 1 vertical pitch, 1 horizontal pitch, 1 cutting mandrel retraction, 1 pre-tension control). This machine is suitable for producing Right Handed and Left Handed compression springs with complex pitch/shape variations.


Technical Specifications

– Motion Control Technology
– SPC with video camera
– High-resolution digital transducers
– Programming can be made in microns
– Ease and quickness of programming (SPG/SGP)
– Quick change from rotary to standard cut
– Industrial PC with large touch-screen colour LCD
– Integrated UPS unit
– USB ports
– Standard 3½” Floppy and CD-ROM drive units

Pre-Tension Control System (Simplex Rapid international patent)


This new device, driven by an indipendent motor, moves the coiling tools (rotation) changing the tension of the spring during the coiling cycle.


– Indipendent tension for first and last coil.
– No deformation on the first coil.
– Optimized tension in spring body.
– Best surface quality also with spring with big pitch.
– No mechanical adjustament.
– Reduced setup time.



Simplex Rapid A2-CNC

Historical and revolutionary machine for the high-speed coiling of valve springs, clutch springs and injector springs. First machine in the world adopting the rotating cutoff system – Simplex-Rapid’s patent. No idle cutoff times – lesser tool wear Lack of friction for the cutoff unit engagement. Mechanical solidity and sturdiness for utmost reliability with mass-production batches.


Technical Specifications

Wire Diameter: from 1,00 up to 5,00mm
Coiling Diameter: from 10,00 up to 85,00mm
4 axis CNC