Environmental Certification ISO 14001

Environmental Certification ISO 14001

Safeguarding the environment is a fundamental goal for our company: limiting pollution, focusing on sustainable development and implementing increasingly more efficient production methods are just some of our main prerogatives.


This is why we are delighted to have obtained ISO 14001 certification. First of all, we should underline that companies do not have to be certified according to this standard. The certification process is voluntary and each individual company decides whether or not to do it. So this proves just how keen Mollificio Valli is to show that it is addressing environmental issues.


The ISO 14000 series of standards are not actual laws or legislation: they simply suggest methods that companies (in any market) should follow in order to improve performance in terms of ecology and safeguarding nature. These certificates are issued by an independent authority, which is obviously accredited, and lay down guidelines to be used as a reference: having the ISO 14001 certificate demonstrates that our company is doing its very best to implement a sound Environmental Management System (EMS), in accordance with international standards.


In practical terms, this means that the management at Mollificio Valli firmly undertakes to improve the company by preventing pollution and complying with all the laws that are currently in force. As of 31st March 2008, 12,251 ISO 14001 certificates had been issued in Italy, of which 11,817 were issued to private companies whilst the rest were obtained by public administrations.


Achieving this goal has been a great success for our company: our recycling, savings and production methods have improved, and we can still safeguard the environment in which we live.