New Wafios FSE 23

New Wafios FSE 23

We’re proud to introduce a brand new Wafios FSE 23 that has been added to our shop floor.

Designed for the production of compression springs, the Wafios FSE 23 is offering a cost-optimized solution for manufacturing all standard types of compression springs. The reliability of the machines ensures smooth and trouble-free production, not only because any standstill time is reduced to a minimum, but also thanks to the high repeatability delivering perfect production results time after time. With easy setup and straightforward handling, tooling change and setup time is minimized and machine availability is increased to its full potential.


Technical Specifications

Wire Diameter: 0,35mm –> 1,60 mm
Outer Spring Diameter: up to 35,00 mm
Infred Speed: up to 120 mt/min
Output Rate (springs): up to 500 pcs/min
Output Rate (rings): up to 750 pcs/min