Stamping-bending machines: Bihler RM-NC e GRM-NC

Stamping-bending machines: Bihler RM-NC e GRM-NC

The investment plan to renew our Mollificio Valli machines continues with the latest solutions offered by the machine manufacturer market.

Today we present the new Bihler RM-NC and GRM-NC servo-controlled stamping-bending machines.

Bihler RM-NC e GRM-NC

These are machines that revolutionize the concept of shear-bending machines, changing the technological paradigm for machines of this type.

In these machines the link between mechanics and electronics is reversed, that is, we are not talking about electronically assisted mechanical machines, but on the contrary we are talking about electronic machines with the mechanics adapted for this purpose.

It means that both the press and the bending slides are driven by electronically controlled servo motors.

This approach broadens the range of components, which can be produced for the automotive, electromechanical, medical and aerospace industries.

Bihler GRM-NC VC1

Both machines are equipped with a “user friendly” programming system, which allows programming and control of the bending and stamping process, with accuracies that can be millesimal.

This allows dimensional repeatability of the components produced, adapting the bending strokes to the variations that routinely occur during production.

The numerical control system for positioning the slides also allows production programs to be stored and the machine configuration to be reproduced in a repeatable manner.

Bihler GRM-NC Production

The machines are also compatible with the Industry4.0 standard, which allows them to integrate with the production management systems already in place at Mollificio Valli.

The RM-NC and GRM-NC are versatile machines, capable of working with a wide range of materials, mainly steel, brass, bronze and titanium, adapting bending methods to the different characteristics of the materials indicated.

In addition, thanks to the precision offered by the electronics, the machines offer the possibility of designing tooling using the Lean Tool approach proposed by Bihler, with undoubted time and cost advantages.

Mollificio Valli continues its journey into modernity, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization.