New Dust Monitoring Facility

New Dust Monitoring Facility

After passing a series of intensive tests lasted several weeks, as per our internal program for continuous reduction of the environmental impact required by the ISO 14001 certification, we started  a top-notch system for dust monitoring and reduction in compliance with UNI 11304:2008 fitted with 9 probes located into chimney exhausts of grinding and heat treatment departments, plus other 2 probes to check the indoor air quality for each department. Every probe is monitored in real time by a dedicated control station who deals with the continuous data recording and automated warning messages whenever threshold values are met.

monitoraggio-sonde sonde-polveri

The facility, wholly designed and developed by Tribotecna, relies on transfer of electrostatic charge phenomenon (triboelectric effect). Dust particles of any material and size, when transported by a gaseous flow, become charged with static electricity. By placing an electrode within the flow, it will be able to capture charges for collision as electrostatic induction.

The monitoring system is designed to operate at peak performance in the presence of humidity from 0 to 80% (noncondensing) with a temperature from -20°C to +60°C. Each control unit, dedicated to amplify and process the signal from the monitoring probes, is fitted into a special container with IP-65 protection.

Our corporate directive sets the dust alarm monitoring system threshold value to 50% of the maximum value allowed by law (10 mg/m3). The internal maintenance team is fully trained to immedately manage and fix the situation in case of alarm, while keeping their eyes on the dust emission trend on a weekly basis.