PC Atom D525

PC Atom D525

This year our ICT team will be in charge of replacing all the clients both in the employees’ offices and in the production Dept.

We have already proceeded with the replacement of the PCs in the production Dept. and after having carried out a survey on present HP and DELL desktop systems, we have decided to choose models based on Intel Atom processors.

Atom processors were born as a system suited to consume-saving notebooks and high-autonomy netbooks. In the years, they have developed and now they are used as a hardware platform for multimedia PCs and for computers used in the offices.

In details, D525 version has been chosen; it is Intel latest upgrading, which has a 1,8 GHz clock frequency,  allowing the use of  office applications with very good performance.


Together with D525 Atom processor there is ION graphic section by NVIDIA, that assures an excellent performance in multimedia content resolution. This is very important for us as the users can gain access  to a video file, useful to the production Dept.


We have also taken into consideration the energy-saving aspect that can be achieved using this hardware systems. They allows Mollificio Valli  to reduce the environmental impact caused by IT systems. We do pay a lot of attention to the environment which our ICT team has already pursued by introducing a server virtualization system based on VMware (Jan. 27 2010).