O-INSPECT 322 – Optical-contact Scanning

O-INSPECT 322 – Optical-contact Scanning

Mollificio Valli has recently endowed itself of an O-INSPECT 322 that unites ZEISS contact scanning and optical measuring in one machine.

Where other machines can only offer single-point scanning and thus relatively high probing forces, O-INSPECT 322 offers scanning as a standard feature, in which the VAST XXT probe enables precision probing with forces in the millinewton range. Therefore, true 3D measurements with form and position statements are possible.


Telecentric optics

Telecentric optics are elaborate and therefore not used on most optical measuring machines.Unlike conventional optics, the distance to the object is irrelevant in telecentrics: test objects with different material thicknesses in the camera image can always be measured with the right imaging scale.

O-INSPECT comes standard with the 12x telecentric Discovery zoom lens from microscopy, which compensates for these deviations with an additional zoom range. Outstanding image quality is ensured by the lens and the adaptive illumination system which provides transmitted light as well as several reflected lights at different angles, each with red and blue light. The illumination can be perfectly adapted to the form and color of the test object.

O-INSPECT is very insensitive to different ambient temperatures. Where other machines need climate-controlled measuring labs, O-INSPECT delivers reliable measuring results at a wide range of temperatures and can therefore also be deployed on the shop floor.