New WERTH FlatScope 400

New WERTH FlatScope 400

We’re proud to introduce a brand new multisensor coordinate measurement equipment made byWERTH providing a revolutionary scaning technology (patent pending) for the most accurate measuremente of two-dimensional workpieces.

Main Features

High quality matrix scanner with telecentric imaging optics, AutoAlign and AutoFind functions, AutoFeature geometry construction and analysis. Fully enclosed construction suitable for use in workshop environment.

– Measuring Range: X = 400/650/1000 mm; Y = 400 to 1000 mm
– Available Measuring Sensors: noncontact Werth Image Processing (IP) video sensor with fixed telecentric objective. Werth Zoom sensor (patented)
– Applications: replaces conventional profile projectors for fast, precise and reliable control of flat samples in workshop environment. Measurement of profiles, thinn foils, printed circuit boards, laser-cut and fine stamped parts.

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