New Wafios FMU 4.7

New Wafios FMU 4.7

We’ve been waiting for this moment quite a long time, at last we’re proud to introduce our newestWafios model FMU 4.7, expressely designed for the production of torsion springs, extended loop springs and complex bent wire shapes.


This brand new FMU 4.7 machine will support our other FMU range models FMU 0, FMU 1, FMU 1.2, FMU 1.7, FMU 2, FMU 4 and FMU 6 opening up a host of new options in spring manufacturing process. The tool carriers can be freely moved in different dimensions to unlock completely new design concepts for the production of parts, including simple or even highly complicated torsion springs and bent parts, double torsion springs with inner or outer spring bodies and extended loop springs even with tight coiling ratios. All FMU machines are characterized by quick tool change and setup times thanks to the speed and ease with which the parts can be changed and the corresponding tool settings can be adjusted.


Our FMU 4.7 is a full-optional machine with laser sensor position control and a multi-station bending equipment offering a truly additional manufacturing facility working with a parallel process.

Techical Specifications

Wire Diameter: from 1,80mm up to 4,00mm
Installed Axis: 24
Infeed Speed: up to 80 mt/min.
Output: up to 70 pz/min.