New Wafios BM 41L

New Wafios BM 41L

We’re proud to introduce a brand new CNC bending and coiling machine Wafios BM 41L.

The BM 41L model is optimized for production of 2 and 3D bent parts made from wire and tube. There’s a bending head for single and multi radii bending tools, arranged underneath the bending plane, with a large bending area. CNC controlled axis for lateral displacement and swiveling of the bending head. Moreover a CNC driven support plate holds unstable parts in every bending plane. Displaceable infeed for optimizing distance to the bending head (bend-back clearance). Plain language CNC programming makes easier to deal with lenghts, angles and coordinates.


Technical Specifications

Wire Diameter
at 600 N/mm2       3,00 –> 8,00 mm
at 2000 N/mm2     3,00 –> 4,00 mm

Infeed Speed
up to 120 m/min