New Simplex Rapid MC-5S

New Simplex Rapid MC-5S

We’re proud to introduce the latest addition to our coil spring manufacturing division. A brand new Simplex Rapid MC-5S machine is available to help our valued customers to get their products on time. The MC-5S is an high speed automatic spring coiling machine, managed by a powerful 7 axis fully CNC environment. This machine is suitable for making right handed as well left handed compression springs featuring complex pitch and shape variations..




Both accuracy and repeatability of the axis movement has been significantly increased by the mean of high resolution digital transducers that even allow us to program the machine using amicron as the measure unit.

The industrial-grade onboard PC has a large LCD touchscreen that allows the operator to safely monitor the production parameters while relying on the integrated UPS facility. Backup management and LAN connectivity are handled by dedicated USB standard ports and network card.

Simplex Rapid’s groundbreaking Motion Control technology is one of the main features of this innovative compression spring manufacturing machine. In fact, it significantly reduces movement errors thus ensuring a better positioning tolerance as low as +/- 0,001mm (one thousandth of millimeter). The motion control technology keep the axis movements synchronized reducing the overall downtime cycle.

MC-5S’ finish is one of the best a spring manufacturer can find on the market. Great attention has always given to every detail, even the most hidden. Each moving mechanical component is carefully adjusted and a special nitriding surface hardening treatment ensures high resistance to wear and scratches, preserving both look and high system performances.

The vision system uses an integrated high-speed acquisition video camera for 100% inspection of coil spring diameter and lenght.