New MicroStudio measuring machines

New MicroStudio measuring machines

Since our company is improvement-oriented and one of our aims is to automize and speed up our production processes, we have recently bought two brand-new measuring tools, both manufactured by Microstudio, a company Mollificio Valli cooperated with many years ago.

LED 2D – 100
An automatic profile projector equipped with a camera to measure springs and small wares.
As stated by our manufacturer, it has a 90 x 75mm field of vision, a sensitivity of 0,001 mm + 0,05% and a minimum measurable thickness of 0,25mm. LED 2D is equipped with a very high resolution camera and a tailoerd software that allows to get the image in second fractions, with no translation of the part and to carry out any kind of dimensional measure. Thanks to a particular optics, it is possible to guarantee very high measuring sensitivities with an absolute precision without calibrations or settings.


PMZ – 50

An automatic dynamometer/spring testing equipment for the static measure (with a short stop at the indicated load length) and the dynamic measure (the length-force graphic is created in one movement at programmed and steady speed, from which the required values are drawn) of the length and the load of drive and compression springs.
With a maximum capacity/output from 500N and a resolution starting from 0,02N, the automatic dynamometer/spring testing equipment is being used in our grinding department in order to monitor our production quality during this delicate phase of the production process.
Mollificio Valli srl is equipped with eight automatic dynamometers/spring testing equipment.