New Microstudio MC54 & RDZ

New Microstudio MC54 & RDZ

As provided in the ongoing investment plan aimed to steadily increase our setting, testing and sorting capabilities, we’ve bought a couple of valuable assets in this area. Both systems were designed and made by Microstudio, Italy’s leading company in making custom built testing equipment for the spring makers industry.

Microstudio MC54 – Setting and 100% Sorting Machine

This is an high-performance, high-volume testing and setting machine for grinded compression springs that needs setting & calibration or alternatively calibration only. The MC54 is a modular machine made up of a brushless driven rotating table, a presetting station MC45-SET, a testing and gauging facility PMZ and a 5 ways automatic sorter.

MC54_1 MC54_2

High-performance operations are mainly achieved by enabling both manual and automatic feeding. The CNC logic keeps constantly monitoring all key values adapting cycle parameters and timings to target the optimal spring outcome by minimal effort.

For each test, the QC operator may choose a custom control frequency for each parameter (for instance: 100% free length test, 25% load test and 10% solid height test).

Microstudio RDZ – Calibration and 100% Sorting Machine

The RDZ is a brand new equipment focused in calibrating and 100% sorting flat and strip made springs. This applies to several products we’re making using high carbon steel strip with a thickness range starting from 1,5mm up to 3,0mm. The onboard, high accuracy CNC system takes into account both gauging and timing to provide an optimized setting operation and full-featured reporting on sorting performance.