New Kamatech G45SH1A

New Kamatech G45SH1A

We’re proud to introduce our new G45SH1A grinding machine designed and made by KAMATECH. This brand new facility is already supporting our grinding department that, now, counts on 14 grinding abd 13 clamping machines at his disposal. Thus allowing us to finish springs made with a wire diameter from 0,50mm up to 12,00mm.

The KAMATECH G45SH1A main features:

– heavy sand-blasted carpentry
– fully insulated grinding wheel room
– upper and lower compartments protected from dust
– additional protections on all the grinding wheels
– self moving laser sensor checks and compensate the grinding wheel wear
– head shifting resolution as low as 0,05mm
– use of different diameters disk loaders
– vertical adjustment of the disk
– longitudinal adjustment of the disk
– brushless motor for high speed cycle
– automatic spring feeder
– fully customized CNC user interface
– 17” LCD touch screen monitor
– automatic grinding wheel dressing
– suitable for diamond-stone wheels
– variable speed wheels
– forced ventilation


Technical Specifications

– Grinding wheel diameter: 450 [mm]
– No. of grinding wheels: 2
– Loading disk diameter: 580~740 [mm]
– No. of loading disks: 1
– Spring max diameter: 100 [mm]
– Spring max lenght: 400 [mm]
– Wire max diameter: 9  [mm]