New Kamatech G30

New Kamatech G30

A brand new equipment is available in our grinding department since a few days. Designed and made by Kamatech, the G30 g machine is a high speed grinder for compression springs ends.

Technical Specifications

Grinding Wheel Diameter: 300mm
Fitted Grinding Wheels: 2
Loading Disc Diameter: 250 to 420mm
Spring Max Diameter: 40mm
Spring Max Lenght: 250mm
Spring Wire Max Diameter: 1,50mm (carbon spring wire) 1,20mm (stainless steel wire)

G30_001 G30_002 G30_003

Grinding is a key department for most of the spring manufacturer companies, it’s a well known fact the coiling machines output performance is way higher than the grinder’s one and this could lead to a workflow slowdown affecting the compression spring product line.

Since several years we’ve worked hard to monitor, investigate to fix and optimize our compression springs product flow within departments. Those efforts let us have:

– 15 CNC grinding machines with 5 of them equipped of a fully automated loading equipment;
– a production output of more than 300k parts per shift (than means 600k part on a daily basis);
– comprehensive range of wire diameters starting from 0,20mm (CBN diamond wheels) up to 13,00mm;
– a maximun outside diameter of 140mm and lenght of 600mm for grinded compression springs.