Mollificio Valli’s department “Molle Speciali” (“Special Springs”) has recently been equipped with the new ITAYA CX-6A, a coiling machine with 9 axes controlled for the production of compression and traction springs. Together with an extreme precision and reliability, the machine is provided with a telecamera for a 100% control of the production and can work wires with diameters from 0,10 mm to 0,60 mm.


Some technical data:

Wire diameter: 0,10-0,60 mm;

Coiling ration: 4 (D/d)

Outer diameter: 15 mm

Feed axis: wire 0,01 mm minimum;

Feed speed: wire 146 mt/minimum;

Cut slide axis: min. 0,01 mm.

Vertical pitch axis: min. 0,001 mm

Horizontal pitch axis: min. 0,001 mm

Base slide axis: min. 0,001 mm

2 point coiling axis min. 0,001 mm;

Arbor axis: min. 0,001 mm;

Tridimensional axis: min. 0,001 mm

Program: 4.000 pitches

Computer display: 15inch TFT Color LC Display

Pentium Processor

Operating Temperature: 0°- 45° Celsius degrees

Machine dimensions: mt. 0,60 x mt 0,50 x mt. 1,50 (height);

Computer dimensions: mt. 0,54 x mt. 0,54 x mt. 1,60 (height);

Machine weight: kg. 500;

Computer weight: kg. 210