New Wafios FMU 25

New Wafios FMU 25

Wafios FMU 25 is the last machine which has reached the so called “Molle Speciali” (Special Springs) Department of Mollificio Valli. The FMU 25 has been bought equipped with any available fittings, it can count upon 23 axes checked by a software, the production of double cycle pieces and a shear to make cuts and croppings during the processing.


The machine, which is able to work a wire whose diameter goes from 0,8 mm up to 2,5 mm, is equipped with laser controls both for the position of the pieces and for the respect of the safety rules during its use. The equipment is completed by a last generation camera which allows a 100% control of the manufactured pieces.

FMU 25’s most significant aspect is however its new software: it allows not only a tool management based on simplified configuration masks but it assures a greater quality of the produced pieces and an increase of the production speediness which goes from 80% to 90%.

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