New ultrasound washing machine

New ultrasound washing machine

Mollificio Valli’s Treatment Department has recently been renewed with the introduction of a new ultrasound washing machine “PA-DA”. It is a nine tank washing machine. Among the tanks three of them are for the ultrasound washing, three for the rinsing, one haas a peel-off mechanism and the two last ones have drying ovens. Two tanks can be dedicated to the passivation of the pieces.


The cleaning cycles and the temperatures are programmable in order to adapt themselves to the different types of products to treat. There is also an automatic shaking system both for the washing and for the rinsing which grants a greater cleaning of the treated pieces. The washing machine is also equipped with a water automatic load system and, in order to remove every impurity, all tanks are equipped with an oil separator while the peel –off mechanism is equipped with a filtering system (outer filter: 50mm).

Last but not least the machine has an automatic load and unload system of the pieces which works automatically, which doesn’t need the presence of an operator and grants very high levels of efficiency and safety.

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