New Company Brochure

New Company Brochure

At the end of intensive effort in recent months, I am at last able to take great pleasure in personally presenting  the publication of the new company brochure. The monograph can be viewed directly on-line through our homepage and summarizes a demanding process involving the entire organization. The initial idea involved creating a brief presentation of the contents and values of our integrated Quality Safety and Environment system following its ISO 14001 certification. It was later decided to develop, design and implement a complete brochure illustrating all the salient points of our activity to provide visitors with a privileged point of view about the current situation in our company.

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Consultation of the digital version is available to all visitors to the site. If you would like to receive a printed version  (available in Italian, English, French and German), send your request using the Contact form ( The printed version – in harmony with our objectives to limit and reduce environmental impact – uses 100% recycled Cyclus Offset paper processed without chemical solvents or bleaches by a producer with ISO 14001 certification, in full respect of applicable standards and regulations.

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Implementation – Studio Orizzonte (

for their effective understanding and interpretation of our company culture and values, presented through a modern, attractive layout that fully reflects the present reality of our organisation;

Photography – Tom Iuliano (

for astonishing skill in capturing the essence of our processes and products in single shots. Tom took all the photos against the backdrop of our plant and our people;

Artwork – Davide Medina (industrial designer)

for the evocative illustrations in the products section, leaving aside for once in a while his 3D CAD tools to demonstrate great skill in developing a drawing capable of interpreting an entire sector of activity;

Texts – Cristiana Gattoni (journalist)

for her skill in summarising our vision through an evocative text – but also our years of experience, dedication and authentic passion for our work;

Translations: – Intellex Lugano (

for punctuality and precision in translating our texts that always effectively express the meaning of the original Italian;

Internet Content – IDS (

for the high quality of work performed to incorporate the digital version of the company brochure into the homepage of our Internet site (developed by the same company);

Mollificio Valli Management

for having believed from the outset in this project and for supporting its development at all stages;

The people at Mollificio Valli

for their helpfulness and collaboration during the various work sessions in production departments and offices. They are the true soul of the Company, they represent the sacrifice and effort of our daily activities and at the same time they share in the satisfaction at having contributed – everyone without exclusion – to making the company what it is today.

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