New Bobbio Excel 2.0

New Bobbio Excel 2.0

A brand new Bobbio model EXCEL 2.0 has been added to our shop floor facilities. This is a CNC spring coiling machine for production of compression and torsion springs fully expandable up to 11 axis.

AVM044 AVM044-Depliant

Technical Specifications

– Coiling: 5 CNC driven axis, with coiling point movement on vertical, horizontal and axial coordinates. Possibility to control the coils pre-load (initial tension) and carry out shaping operations on complex springs. The coiling direction, from right to left hand, can be swapped via software.
– Mandrel: both vertical and axial movements are driven by either CNC axis or electro-pneumatical subsystem.
– Cut Off: available in vertical, burr-free rotating and tosion cut, for small coil ratio springs.
– Pitch: available either vertical and horizontal, driven by 2 indipendent axis.
– Wire Feeding: with 2 pair of rollers driven by 1 axis.
– Programming: user friendly touch screen system with graphic icons which automatically generates the spring program.
– Storage: solid state with high spring program storage capacity.
– Spring Dimensional Control: can be carried out with digital video camera for measuring, sorting and correction of both spring lenght and diameter.

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