Emergency Covid 19 – Mollificio Valli’s position

Dear Customer,

the restrictions imposed by the Italian Government with “Decreto del Presidente Consiglio dei Ministri” (Decree by the President of the Ministers’ Counsel) of last 22nd March 2020 in order to face the health emergency also forecast the closing of the non essential plants.

The product sector where Mollificio Valli srl works is not included in the list published within this decree and in the following ones, by consequence the production activities ended with immediate effect and so have been since then.

We remind you not to hesitate to ask us to produce those items you urgently need in case your activity belongs, totally or in part, to one of the “Ateco codes” mentioned in the enclosure 3 of the decree of last 10 April 2020; this is also valid if you belong to the production chain through one of your customers whose activity is part of this list: we shall be proactive to restore the necessary production lines.

Every request can be sent to the following e-mail address: info@mollificiovalli.it

Best regards.


Oleggio Castello, 14th April 2020


 The Chairman and Managing Director

(Marco Valli)


Ateco codes list – enclosure 3 of the Ministerial Decree