Planning Support

Planning Support

The planning of components and entire assemblies is carried out using efficient information technology instruments which enable the calculation of accurate dimensions for the parts and their optimal fit.

The planning procedure starts with the formulation of many concepts which cover the requests made by clients, defining the typology of product to be developed, using technological CAD 2D and 3D support to evaluate the feasibility of the products, and adapting them to a production process which is as smooth as possible, taking into consideration advantages of both questions of cost and timing.

The virtual models which are produced are in the last analysis of an accuracy which permits the calculation of weight and volume to infinitesimal dimensional error, and also allows the creation of extremely lifelike images, a very important aspect, both in terms of shape and the material which become the final product.

Reliability, precision and intuitivity of software available (3DS SolidWorks and 3DS CATIA) result in threefold advantages:

  • Supplying the client with meaningful and easily modifiable renderings of the object.
  • Drastic reduction of the planning phase and facilitation of the successive phases of protoyping using automatised tooling.
  • Effective reception of critical feedback on the successive phases of sampling and pre-series of the item for swift completion of the project.