Warehouse and Logistics

Mollificio Valli attributes a fundamental role to logistics in its competitive strategy.

The total warehouse area is subdivided into two distinct physical areas: one which is dedicated to receiving goods and to the management of prime materials bought by the company, and the other to packagingstocks and dispatch of finished products.

During the phase of receiving materials bought by the company, following the necessary phases of quality control, the materials are taken in loads, labelled and identified by the individual skeins, clearly coded according to the main identifying details: supplier, transport documents and casting number.

The tracing system is completed with the management of batches of finished products, at the end of the production cycle, which allows staff to return to a specific batch of springs with a casting number for the materials used in that particular job.

The packaging phase of the finished product is completed with the labelling operation, which is to say the creation and printing of serialised labels to attach to the packaging.
Over and above the labelling standards, which are commonly used, it is possible to create personalised labels for each individual client, including the most varied information relative to the product and/or the client company itself.

The serial number given to each label enables punctual tracing of the product, also after dispatch.