Visitor’s electronic registration

Visitor’s electronic registration

At his premises Mollificio Valli srl has an electronic check-in for all the visitors (people who are not employees of the company). Once the visitor has checked-in, he/she is given a personal badge useful for his/her check-in and check-out.

This software allows the company to access both the check-in/check-out history and the presence of visitors in real time.

The system is made up of  by a hardware (PC touch screen, badge printer, barcode reader) and  a software  (the program for the visitors’ registration).

We use an energy-saving Asus ET2010 computer, a touch screen PC based on Atom platform. The touch screen technology allows the user to interact with the system through a very intuitive interface.

The badge printer is a DYMO LabelWriter 450 that can print the badge with the proper barcode.

We use a Datalogic Quickscan to read the barcodes on the badges. The barcode reader does not require any interaction with the user: in fact, it’s only necessary to select the check-in/check-out selection, to bring the badge close to the barcode reader and the reading of the barcode will be sent to the software.


We have chosen Lobby Track software, a specific product for the registration and tracing of the visitors.

Among the most interesting features of Lobby Track we can find:

– The possibility of customization can be suited to company’s needs

– The interface has been thought to be used with the  touch screen technology, which is a perfect integration of Asus ET2010

– Log of each activity, with the possibility to create reports and statistics

– Badge layout that can be changed  upon request

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