Company Quality System

Mollificio Valli Srl has a company quality system which is certified according to norm ISO 9001 of 1997.
Since 2004 the same system has also been used according to the specific technical requirements of ISO/TS 16949:2002 for suppliers in the automotive sector. An integrated system about Quality, Environment, Health and Safety has been implemented since 2008 also thanks to the certification of the environmental management system according to the norm ISO 14001.
Quality, technical competence and service are the means enabling a company to compete in the market, and the basic elements of our company strategy, with the intention of always considering the client’s needs as a priority and to have this as an objective: “the maximum satisfaction of the client in respect of his/her expectations and requirements, thanks to the high quality of our products and our performance.”

The end of pursuing this aim is:

  • the quality of the product and the service, evidenced by the constant appreciated on the part of our clients, is the principal competitive instrument of the company, in respect of the expectations and specific requirements of our clients, the satisfaction of the latter is obtained by means of constant high quality of the products and services offered. Objectives which also follow through constant improvement.
  • As a consequence, maximum attention must be placed on all preventative actions and on constant quality improvement
  • Quality is not only the responsibility and a target for some members of staff, but all employees should feel involved, starting with those with functional responsibility who provide the necessary conditions to achieve the above-mentioned objectives.


  • Annually the Directors of Mollificio Valli Srl indicate the objectives to be achieved, documenting them in a clear manner and indicating the relative means of measuring achievement.
  • The Directors recognise the contribution that every worker can make towards achievement of the above-mentioned objectives, and therefore gives workers the maximum autonomy and responsibility, invests in education and training and looks to create the most appropriate conditions for everybody to carry out their activities in the best manner possible including:
    • Increasing their own technical level and their own knowledge;
    • Learning to concern themselves directly with the analysis of the problem;
    • Stimulating professional growth.
  • Both the Directors and all the workers must continually and systematically concern themselves with the evaluation of all the risks present in the workplace and identification of suitable measures for constant improvement of the health and safetyconditions within the company.
  • It is in the interests of all personnel in the company to respect the environment which surrounds them. For this reason the separate collection of different types of waste materials, whether they be industrial or personal, is of fundamental importance.

Quality Control

11 Automatic Spring Testing Machines
03 Manual Spring Testing Machines
01 Torsion Testing Machine
01 Tensile Test Machine
04 Digital Optic Reader Mitutoyo
01 Profile Projector Mitutoyo
01 Portable Surface Roughness Gage
03 Microscopes
03 Digital Hardness meter
03 Tri‐dimensional Measuring Machine
02 Bi‐dimensional Measuring Machine

Mollificio Valli has always pointed to its Quality to attain satisfaction of its clients.

In 2002 it converted the certificate for ISO 9002:1994 into ISO 9001:2000 and in 2005 there followed the certificate according to the technical specification ISO/TS 16949 for suppliers in the AUTOMOTIVE sector.

In the same manner, the department for Quality Control evolved, with cutting edge technology whether in terms of specific checks on the springs, or, more generally, for dimensional checks of any type of article.

Mollificio Valli is equipped with the following instruments to control springs:

7 automatic and 2 manual load testers able to cover all possible customers’ requests : the various load cells reach from a few grams up to 1000 kg, with resolutions of 0.1 g for machines of 3 kg, 1 g for those of 50 kg, etc.;

4 automatic load testers to cover selection operations at 100% on load and length;

3 machines for verification of  additional characteristics such as the perpendicularity (E1) and the parallelism (E2), with high repeatability and precision in the order of 0.01 mm;

1 automatic torquemeter for verification of load and torsion.

Moreover, to guarantee the accuracy of the results obtained, Mollificio Valli  trusts Microstudio, leading manufacturer in Europe in the sector of measuring machinery for springs, in all matters concerning acquisition, assistance and calibration. Microstudio has always been involved in the development of projects suitable to meet specific client requests (e.g., calibration and selection machinery to 100%).

For the dimensional verification Mollificio Valli has  a MMC ZEISS multisensory machine which allows 3D measurements both with the optical technology and with a keyboard.  We also have two Microstudio vision systems for two-dimensional measurements, one of which used for 100% selections.

All of them can be programmed and are therefore able to repeat a test in a short time on further pieces according to a sequence which has been pre-programmed by the operator.

The set of instruments is completed by a profile projector, two digital durometers for Rockwell measures, a micro-hardness tester  for microVickers hardnesses and a large number of bench instruments such as micrometers, comparators, surface gauges and calibrators.

Thanks to the optical “Vision” microscope – Lynx series-  and our staff’s experience, failure analysis can be carried out on components subjected to breakage while working. We also have equipped a test room with two machines for fatigue tests and a room for salt spray tests according to ASTM B117 standard.

Controls of incoming goods are rigorous in order to guarantee the quality of the raw material used, the controls in production and the final tests.

Finally, from the point of view of the Quality documentation, in accordance with the certification according to the technical specification ISO/TS 16949, Mollificio Valli is able to compile anything necessary to complete and present a PPAP: FMEA, control panel, MSA, APQP, PSW, etc.

Testing Lab

03 Fatigue test machines

01 Salt spray room

01 Magnetic residual tester

01 Microhardness analysis device

01 Cleanliness analysis device (contamination level and particle size measurements)