Our production

Compression springs made from 0,08 to 10 mm diameter wire up to 20 mm for small series. Extension and torsion springs from 0,15 to 6 mm. In particular we are specialised in the production of bent wire components made with CNC torsion bending machines of last generation, with up to 25 controlled axis. Our productive range includes the production of punched and bent strip for all productive sectors made with Bihler machines and presses with progressive moulds.

Our productive capacity varies from the small series (10 pieces) to the medium and large ones (dozens of millions). Our company can offer highly automated productions with anthropomorphic robots and optical vision systems for selections at zero ppm. In the last years we have integrated the production of metal components with the technology of the plastic with the comoulding presses.

We can support our customers during the development phase with our prototype department, which is able to produce samples quickly.