Production Line For Compression Springs

Production Line For Compression Springs

We’re proud to introduce a new integrated production and control line for small sized compression springs (wire diameter < 1,00mm) in a high precision and reliability context.



Several facilities are part of this high technology environment, a SIMPLEX RAPID MC5, high speed automatic spring coiling machine fitted with the latest generation multi-axis Numerical Control. This machine is suitable for producing right-handed and left-handed compression springs with complex pitch/shape variations.

– Motion Control Technology
– SPC with video camera
– High resolution digital transducers
– Programming can be made in micron
– Ease and quickness of programming (SPG/SGP)
– Industrial PC with large touchscreen colour LCD
– Integrated UPS unit
– USB connectivity, 3½” floppy and CD-ROM drive units

IMG_1946 IMG_1948


Shoot Peening

Also available a Lampugnani LC/550 CR rotary drum shoot peening machine which has been expressly designed for bulk treatment of small sized springs. The work cycle is fully automatic and driven by programmable timers, it includes a shot peening phase then a blow down phase for the final dedusting of treated parts.

IMG_1950 IMG_1965


Quality Control

An optical instrument Microstudio LED3D brings the best in optics and electronics to let us have reliable and accurate measurement of the spring dimensional characteristics:

– Free length L0, step by step with graphic output
– Outside diameter for every coil
– Verticality e1, step by step with graphic output
– Parallelism e2, as absolute value with 3D output
– Profile of the fist grinded coil, step by step with graphic output and
display of the measured points
– Pitch of every coil, the spring pitch is analysed along the whole way of the coils: all the measured values are collected in graphics and visible under different viewpoints, so that we can have an analysis of the pitch profile in order to optimise the grinding process

IMG_1952 IMG_1958



Fatigue Test Facility

Coming soon a powerful fatigue test machine designed and optimized for compression and extension springs. The Microstudio PMF-150 shares most of the features of a high-speed press with a brushless dc electric motor thus allowing our Quality Department to exactly monitor a 12 springs array lifespan.