New winding machines WAFIOS

New winding machines WAFIOS

During the last 12 months Mollificio Valli has updated his fleet of winding machines introducing 3 new WAFIOS: FSE 15, FUL 35 and FUL 25, the newest one. With  FUL 25 we have therefore completed the range of the new winding machines, which can now work wire with diameter from 0,12 mm, worked by FSE 15 up to 3 mm, worked by FUL 35.

FSE-15FUL-25 FUL-35

All new machines are used for the high speed production of high precision compression springs. The production with the 100% selection is possible thanks to the modular structure of the machines which allows the introduction of an optical analysis system. The use of the most modern technologies grants a huge flexibility and the production of a wide range of springs with excellent quality levels.

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