New grinding machine OMD M6S

New grinding machine OMD M6S

Spring end grinding Department has recently been strengthened thanks to the installation of the new grinding machine M6S designed by OMD.

This new machine has completely been automated so as to remarkably reduce the set-up times and at the same time to have very high productivity and precision performances.

The strengths of this machine are:

  • automatic dressing that allows to optimize the efficiency of the abrasive wheels
  • automatic grinding wheel wear compensation that allows to remarkably reduce the variations in free spring length, thus guaranteeing a high repeatability of the set heights
  • high versatility when several different abrasive materials are used, diamond and no-diamond wheels so as to get high standards of roughness of the ground surface

This new investment has brought forth both an equipment replacement and a raising in quality of the ground spring production using wires thinner than one millimetre.


The OMS M6S machine has the following features:

  • wear spring compensation monitored by an inductive probe with independent movement
  • head moving resolution: 0,01mm
  • loading plates of different diameters can be installed
  • plate vertical setting
  • plate longitudinal setting
  • brushless engines with high dynamics for parts moving
  • automatic loading system presetting
  • CNC operator interface
  • 8” touch screen monitor
  • automatic dressing device
  • diamond wheels can be used
  • wheel speed regulator


Main technical features:

  • wheel diameter: 400mm
  • number of wheels: 2
  • loading plates diameter: 420-580mm
  • number of loading plates: 1
  • wire diameter range: 0,5-3,5mm
  • maximum outer spring diameter: 80mm
  • maximum spring length that has to be ground: 200mm