The plant owned by Mollificio Valli is made up of a number of machines: coiling machines, screwers, fork lift trucks, grinders, bending machines, shearing machines, presses and lathes to enable the execution of all mechanical procedures.

Mollificio Valli works with


Following please find the most important machinery in detail:


Machine for extension, torsion and bent wire components.

Wire alimentation at 360°, it grants minimum set up times, low equipment costs also for particularly complicated productions and high precision thanks to the positioning controlled by some laser sensors.

This multi-slide machine has 24 axes controlled by a CNC, type 3D.

  • Workable wire diameter: from 0,8 mm up to 2,50 mm;
  • Maximum workable feed: illimitated;
  • Feed speed: 120 mt/min.


Machine for compression springs.

CNC coiling machine up to 6 axes of last generation, it grants extreme dimensional precision with its optical 100% control with a selection videocamera. It also grants a very high speedness production keeping at the same time an evident programming easiness.

  • Workable wire diameter: from 0,25 mm to 1,5 mm
  • Maximum workable feed: illimitated;
  • Feed speed: 160 mt/min.


The double grinding machine is an automatic spring grinding machine with high performances, precision and productivity. It is suitable for the plane-parallel correction of compression springs.

  • Workable wire diameter: from 1,00 mm to 16,00 mm
  • Maximum spring diameter: 100,00 mm
  • Maximum spring length: 250,00 mm
  • Grinding wheel diameter: 450 mm

SEYI SD2-200

The SEYI SD2-200 is a servopress which is particularly suitable for the production of automotive components and household appliances. The advantage of the servopresses consists in the programmability of the movement of the slide. It is possible to manage the curve and the slowing down speed in terms of approach, work, ascent and stop at the lower standstill: this makes the movement of the slide itself a true controlled axle.

  • Tonnage capacity: 200 tons;
  • Max Stroke: 250 mm
  • Bolster area: 2200 x 870 mm
  • Slide area: 1900 x 670 mm
  • Span between the two areas: 500 mm
  • Strokes pro minute: 60


Based on the latest digital innovations in generator technologies, the new ALC range shows remarkable progresses in cutting speed, precision and surface finish. These achievements have been possible thanks to the 20 years of the Sodick Linear Technology.

The Smart Pulse generator, if compared with the conventional machines, reduces drastically the number of cuts necessary to obtain the required precision and the surface finish. This time reduction turns directly into some economical advantages.

A new mechanical design has been necessary in order to exploit the advantages of the digital Smart Pulse generator and of the Sodick linear motor system. This new design has brought into a compact and fully closed machine tool which uses a 19-inch touch screen to improve the interface with the operator. This big colour screen allows operations similar to the ones of the smartphones and of the tablets.

  • Axis travel: 600x400x350 mm
  • U x V axis travel: 150 x 150 mm
  • Taper angle (piece thickness: 130 mm): +/- 25°
  • Max weight of the piece: 1.000 Kg
  • Wire diameter: 1 ~ 0.3 mm
  • Wire tension: 3 ~ 23 N
  • Max wire speed: 420 mm/sec