The plant owned by Mollificio Valli is made up of a number of machines: coiling machines, screwers, fork lift trucks, grinders, bending machines, shearing machines, presses and lathes to enable the execution of all mechanical procedures.

Mollificio Valli works with


Following please find the most important machinery in detail:


Machine for traction and torsion springs and particular shaped wire pieces.
Wire feed of 360°, guaranteed minimum times for setup, cost of tooling included also for special products of complex and high precision as a result of the controlled positioning by laser sensors.
This multi-frame machine has 22 axes controlled by 3D CNC.

  • Possible diameter of wire: 2.80mm to 6.30mm
  • Maximum possible development: unlimited
  • Feed speed: 70mt/min
  • Production speed: 50pc/min


Machine for compression springs.
CNC coiling machine up to 8 axes, state of the art, guarantees extreme dimensional precision as a result of 100% optical telecamera control with selective and high-speed manufacture, maintaining significant ease of programming

  • Possible diameter of wire: 0.08 to 0.60
  • Maximum possible development: unlimited
  • Feed speed: 100mt/min
  • Production speed: 100pc/min


Coiling machine for springs using CNC control facilitates high precision in the length of the spring as a result of real-time control and the autocompensation function regarding height.
It also facilitates achievement of high productivity as a result of the automatic pneumatic feed system which does not have to be monitored by an operator.

  • Possible diameter of wire: 2.00 to 16.00
  • Maximum possible diameter of spring: 140.00mm
  • Maximum length of spring: 600.00mm
  • Diameter of grinder: 600.00mm


Plant for shearing and bending flat strip springs.
Multi-frame machine for high capacity manufacture, versatile and flexible.
Used throughout the world and well known amongst specialised operators, equipped with refined CAD 3D software instruments expressly dedicated to the planning and optimisation of forges, including particularly complex ones.

  • Nominal press capacity: 9 tons
  • Nominal power per bending unit: 6 tons
  • Maximum speed: 350 blows/min
  • Maximum feed development: 240.00mm
  • Maximum width of strip: 60.00mm


Machine for electro-erosion by wire for machining by tools and forges.
The machine guarantees low operating costs, ease of use, possibility of bath operation, or with concentric washing.
Supported by a wide spectrum of technology.
The CNC Agievision control allows easy data inputting for efficient programming during the production process.

  • Maximum dimensions of piece: 750x550x250mm
  • Axle travel: 350x250x256mm
  • Maximum weight of piece: 450kg (200kg bath operation)
  • Roughness Ra (with edges): Ra=0.2 µm
  • Minimum wire diameter: 0.10mm
  • Maximum angle: 30°