Wireless temperature Datalogger

Wireless temperature Datalogger

Mollificio Valli has a temperature control system for ovens and shot peening machines.

The RTR502 wireless temperature Datalogger, with its external probe, is able to memorize up to 16.000 records per each channel and to retransmit data in either on-line or off-line radiofrequency.

The easy programming together with the simplicity of use allow the employment of the most different and varied applications in the industrial, agricultural fields and in the delivery of perishable goods.

The LCD display alternatively shows the value of the temperature and the information concerning the condition of the batteries, the intensity of the signal and the possible alarms of the overcoming of the programmed thresholds.

The RTR502 wireless temperature Datalogger is certified EN 12830 and an IP64 protection.



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