Inner measures and protocols about the Coronavirus COVID-19

Dear Customer,

with reference to the requests we have got from some of our customers we inform you that our Company, even though it is not directly involved as geographical area among the ones subjected to the alert (please refer at the website is carrying out all the necessary health procedures and protocols in order to limit the spreading of the virus.

This is why, on the basis of the health information given by the Italian Government and at the state of the art about our operative structures, we inform you as follows:

1) Our Company has spread the briefing of the “Ministero della Salute” (Health Ministry) ( to all his employees and collaborators;

2) Our company applies the health protocol issued by the Italian “Ministero della Salute” (Health Ministry) according the the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) guidance;

3) We have adopted some necessary inner protocols to monitor our work force during the working shifts;

4) We have further implemented the sanitary hygienic standards already applied in the past;

5) No employee of “Mollificio Valli srl” comes from the areas of North Italy interested by the quarantine;

6) We have deeply recommended our employees not to visit the infected areas or the ones subjected to the quarantine, limiting as much as possible the exposition to possible connected risks such as the places with a high concentration of people.

After this, not having till now information about confirmed cases of a possible contagion in the area of the Northern part of the province of Novara and in general anywhere in the province of Novara, we can confirm you the regularity of the normal working activities.

What above said is to be considered valid till an eventual different imposition which we could get in future by the competent Authorities and which could modify by reasons of force majeure what above declared. If so, we shall inform you with timely communication.

Thanking you for your attention and best regards.



(Marco Valli)

Chairman and Managing Director