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Mollificio Valli Srl

is a modern and dynamic company with a flexible and efficient structure which has enabled it to become a reliable partner for important national and international industrial groups.

The policy of continual technological renewal followed by Mollificio Valli Srl has the direct result that today more than 70% of the plant is entirely controlled by CNC and is also less than 10 years old.

Why chose us

15 screw presses and three specialists for quick prototyping service.

10% investment annually in new production equipment.

family owned company managed by the three Valli brothers.

10000  mq.
Undercovered areas
3000  Mio
Production capacity

Our services

Planning Support

The planning of components and entire assemblies is carried out using efficient information technology instruments which enable the calculation of accurate dimensions for the parts and their optimal fit.


Prototyping offers the possibility of obtaining product samples in a short time, to test its fit and functions.

Warehouse and Logistics

Mollificio Valli attributes a fundamental role to logistics in its competitive strategy. The total warehouse area is subdivided into two distinct physical areas: one which is dedicated to receiving goods and to the management of prime materials bought by the company, and the other to packaging, stocks and dispatch of finished products.

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