Springs Pre-Setting and Testing

Springs Pre-Setting and Testing

We’re proud to introduce our lastest facility dedicated to compression springs pre-setting, load testing and sorting. Our brand new MC54 model, made by Microstudio Italy, is a high-performance machine optimized to process medium to high volume of springs. Built with a modular approach is made by a rotating table driven by a brushless motor, a presetting station MC54-SET and a control station PMZ controlling a 3 way automatic sorter.

spring-prestressing-sorter-mc54 spring-sorter-mc54-closeup

Compression springs presetting, also called solid height setting, is a little known operation at the end user. Its main advantage is to provide a greater reliability and longer lifespan for some kind of coiled springs. Moreover through the MC54 springs undergo a 100% load test and sorting with the result of better overall performance of the production process.

The machine is fed by a fully automatic autoloader that keeps the operators safe allowing them to focus on more important tasks like fine tuning and monitoring the spring presetting process.

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